Lake Tahoe Family Trip 2018

For the past four years, we’ve left the city behind in late summer for a family trip to Lake Tahoe. I love the idea of starting an annual tradition, but this year I was also worried about falling in a rut. So I purposely sought out activities that we’ve never done before in order keep things interesting. While we ended up visiting some old favorites, we also visited a bunch of new places—many directly on the lake itself.

Angora Lakes

We decided to leave a day early and drive halfway to Mammoth Lakes, another one of our summer favorites. They were having an end-of-summer festival—along with mechanical bull rides. Ironically, it was Paige who had the courage to step into the ring at first and Quinn reluctantly followed after her.

At the selfie booth in Mammoth.

Posing in Mammoth.

Paigersons on the lake.

Carlie and Quinn riding near Truckee.

Paige riding through Truckee.

Early in the trip, we took an afternoon cruise on the lake

Our room had bunk beds—the ladies were really excited about these

Goofing around on a lake cruise

Riding on a gondola up the mountain

On our last day, we went out on a catamaran that ended up being a bit of a booze cruise. But, since our kids were the only ones on the boat under the legal drinking age, Captain Rusty let Quinn steer the ship.

Straddling the state line

Quinn on a ropes course at Heavenly

Paige on the ropes course

Paigersons all geared up

Paige mines for minerals

After doing the low ropes course, Carlie and Quinn (successfully) tackled a taller one