Occasionally I do something that gets some press. Here are some recent highlights:

ReD Associates press release

When I joined ReD Associates in March 2018, they wrote a press releases describing the promise of the new partnership and what we will create together.

Washington Post Fact Checker


In 2015, the Washington Post Fact Checker used a report that I wrote in 2013 to assess the truthiness of some statements that Sarah Palin made about soldier deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. (They ended up assigning three Pinocchios to her statements.)

My work on soldier deployments was likely the most impactful thing I've ever done—the Army made significant changes to their deployment strategies based on what I found—and its been cited numerous times both inside and outside the armed services. This Post story was a highlight because it's a sign that a prominent news outlet used the work as an objective source for fact checking a story.

Quartz, Bloomberg, Late Night Live,
LA Times

I started my professional life as a subject matter expert in space, and my work in the area garners media requests. Some of the highlights include coverage in Bloomberg Businessweek, a Quartz podcast on the future of space debris, and an appearance on Australia public radio's Late Night Live. I also received a lot of request for quotes as the new space fence has come online, such as this article in the LA Times

Santa Monica: 

As part of my urban forest project, the city asked me to make a few images to support the unveiling of their Heritage Trees program. As part of this rollout, they featured a few of my images in the July/August 2016 issue of Seascape (see page 22)