Golden light

Bonzai Rock

Last summer, we made a trip to Tahoe in July (2015) to celebrate Carlie's birthday. There's two things I will always remember about that trip. The first is that there was a wedding at our hotel with—no joke—a freaking blue unicorn in the ceremony. (A little Googling after the fact turned up that link.)

I'll give you a moment to recover from that.

The second thing is the beautiful light that happens right before sunset. I don't know if it's the altitude, my carefree vacation spirit, or maybe the cream soda trees, but the light right before sunset is warm and stunning and it makes everything look good. Maybe it even makes unicorns appear. 

This year's trip confirmed that this light wasn't just limited to our previous trip—It reliably happens every evening. So, I tried my best to capture the girls playing in it.

Along the way, we ended up using this time of day to unwind and not worry about the next meal or nap that was headed in the kids' direction. Quinn embraced her inner engineer and took to digging in the sand, and Paige learned that she couldn't wait until sunset to begin eating the marshmallows. 

Coming up tomorrow: High visibility.

Golden Quinn

Playing in the sand before sunset

Paige takes her marshmallows raw